Why Study In Poland?

Why Study In Poland?

study in poland

Poland has compared to other European countries is that the life is relatively cheap.  But for the rest! Study in Poland country is possibly the most xenophobic and racist in Europe. Keep in mind that it’s not catastrophic either, but you will most probably be confronted to it at a point or another if you’re a student with a student’s life, going out partying, especially if you’re not “looking European” (with the exception of East Asians, who aren’t that much targetted).

Students jobs aren’t necessarily easy to find, as employers almost always look for people speaking polish. The rare, better paid ones where knowing english can be valued (working on infolines for corporations, giving english classes …) are so heavily concurrencial already among bilingual Poles that it’s hopeless to even try getting one. Plus they aren’t well paid at all – the wages are adapted to the cheap life in the country, which means you’ll earn about 3–4 times less than in France/Germany/UK etc for a similar job.

The weather isn’t fantastic. Left that alone, the main student cities such as Warsaw or Kraków have important issues with air pollution, breaking pretty much all the time the air quality norms during winter, or flirting with it. In Warsaw this year, the lack of wind during most of December caused the air quality to drop about twice lower than the dangerous standard, and my little sister, along with the rest of the children, wasn’t allowed to play outside at school. It’s not China either I imagine, but it can affect your quality of life.

The universities are poor and poorly known. Then again, if you want a generic degree that you can get anywhere else anyway, it’s no big deal.

On the bright side, Study In Poland is cheap and arguably safer than most of his European counterparts. But that’s it.

Is Poland a bad place to study in as a foreigner ? We guess not, you have everything you need to Study In Poland happily, but that’s true for almost all European countries anyway. That being taken into account, Poland is still probably the worse country around, with the exception of some other eastern European states … It’s not a fantastic place to Study In Poland as a pole, so if you’re a foreigner, it’s definitely not the best choice.

Poland is an amazing country with a high quality of education system. Poland education will give you a high quality European degree, which is recognized world wide for its low cost! Not only you will enjoy quality of teaching, but also have a bright career prospects in EU.

Polish schools provides wide range of courses with very attractive tuition fees in all the programs such as MBBS, tourism,hospitality, international business, engineering and other courses.

As compared to the majority of other European countries, Poland is a low-cost country where you can easily find accommodation at low prices. You also have a lot of opportunities to travel to other countries as you hold a schengen visa.

Poland is a city with lot of opportunities – There are so many activities to attend such as concerts, plays and museums. Poland gives you a chance to develop yourself by your own because of it friendly and open environment. There is a huge business center here. World’s known companies keeps investing here, so that is why students really have a bright future prospects here.

Considering low tuition fees and world class universities, I will recommend Poland as a study destination.

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