When is the Best Time to Study Abroad?

When is the Best Time to Study Abroad?

When is the Best Time to Study Abroad?

Challenges when studying abroad?

Generally, you should apply as early as possible. Early application has a better chance of getting admission. For example, if you wish you apply for September 2020 intake. Then starts your application this year by January 2020. Thus, your chances is become higher. Plus you get various options to apply for scholarship as well. If you are talking about age limit then there is never too late to start with something. To know more about universities in the UK please follow our Website – Life License Overseas Education Consultants.

Is Study Abroad worth it?

As long as you are really passionate and figured out the funding sources, you shouldn’t be wasting your time and asking the question. With the availability of several openings throughout the year in several countries, you should start meeting up to the requirements as per say and get going. While researching in advance is always better, there is actually no time which could be categorized as best. Just start preparing once you figure out your dream college and course and you’re all set to go. f you’re applying for Masters abroad, the best time to apply for is the upcoming Fall semester. Ideally, you should always start your university applications approximately 11 months prior to the beginning of your university. This Image explains the best time to study and apply for universities abroad:

How to Study Abroad

While it would be very easy if this were the case, there is not a single time that is right for everyone to Study abroad.

Timing: When does the school year start and end of the school you want to attend? Many schools in other parts of the world have educational calendars that can overlap your next school year at home.

Duration: Do you want to go for a semester? If yes, which semester? All year? Six to eight weeks in the summer?

Academics: Should you fulfill any condition before you go abroad? Do you have equivalences for any course requirements yet? Will going abroad at a certain time delay your graduation, and if so, are you ready to do so? Be sure to meet with an advisory and discuss all the courses you need and which ones you can earn equivalence for.

Trying to balance all those factors is hard! 

There are many universities which takes very less tuition fees and provide quality education.

  • Choose the right degree. Some universities provide scholarship for specific degrees. For instance you are more likely to get a scholarship for an MS than for an MBA. In absolute terms a 25% MBA scholarship at a top business school is equivalent to a full scholarship in many MS programs.
  • Your GRE,IELTS, GMAT, SCAT, ACT scores matter a lot. The higher you score the more the possibility of getting a good scholarship. English proficiency exam scores are also important for admission but this might not be very crucial in taking scholarship decision.

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