It’s been pleasure taking counseling in LLC consultancy …specially I want to thank my counselor who has been so supportive and helpful all the time..She got good knowledge about the colleges and there requirements, she suggested me 6 colleges and I got admits. Thanks so much mam and I will never forget LLC for this.

Borra Praneesh Reddy

Feeling happy. My visa is approved. I am honestly happy with LLC consultancy. The staff was amazing and so helpful in every way.


My visa is approved through Lifelicenceconsultants. Very very helpful ! Takes personal interest and care at each and every step of the process. Very good educational outsourcing services.Thanks to LLC.

Naveen basha

Lifelicenceconsultants provide an in depth and accurate information about the universities. It helped me to narrow down the list of universities and was a big help in managing the deadlines. I highly recommend LLC.

Rakonda Mounika

My visa is approved. LLC team guided me completely. Their guidance was very helpful to get my visa. Thank you Lifelicenceconsultants…..

Sai Leela

Thank you for your supportive and guidelines in the application process of my New Zealand visa…I am very happy with your support…

Sripada Vasista

Hi, I am Shravani. I got my visa approved. I am extremely happy to say something about LLC. I have joined in LLC for my entire application process for Masters. Wherever, I got struck with my application process they helped me all the time.So, I am very thankful to the whole team for assisting me in my application process till VISA Thank you Lifelicenceconsultants.

Soma shravani

I got my visa for Canada. This is one of the best consultancy I can say, they guided me choosing the right university and helped me to get my visa. I am always in debited to the whole Canada team and management. If you want your student visa this is the place. Thank you LifelicenceConsultancy.

Richard Zilkar

Feeling happy. My visa is approved through LLC. The counselors are so friendly and helpful. They assisted me on every step and made sure that I make the right, most beneficial decision right now. I would suggest every student who wants to study internationally, to get register with the Lifelicenceconsultants….

sambidi sindhu Reddy

Thanks to LLC, they have helped me to get my Australian Student Visa successfully. I was really worried about the current conditions of the visa but had strong willing in studying overseas. With the help of LLC and the proper guidance now I have my visa before the course starts.

Kothapalli Harish Reddy

LifeLicenceConsultants has provided me the most friendly and favorable environment for my GRE and IELTS preparation. Faculty was par excellence provided many shortcuts. Flexible timings for mock test and there is a lot of emphasis on individual students.

Veeraganti saketh

Thanks to LLC for helping me to get my Australian Student Visa successfully. I was really worried about the current conditions of the visa but had strong willing in studying overseas.

Gundeti Haripriya Reddy

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