GRE Exam

GRE Exam

A standardized test, the Graduate Record Examination(GRE) measures Verbal, Mathematical and Analytical Writing skills of students aspiring to undergo their Graduate studies abroad. 

Features of the GRE

1. The GRE test is classified into two types the GRE General test and the GRE Subject test.

2. It is the benchmark for post graduate programs in USA and many countries abroad

3. The GRE general test evaluates the candidate in the following areas

a. Verbal Reasoning

b. Quantitative Reasoning

c. Analytical Reasoning

d. Writing

4. The GRE Subject test evaluates candidates for their expertise in all of the above and a particular subject in which they intend to do take up a post-graduation course

5. The GRE subject test is accepted by many universities, but it is recommended that you take the GRE subject test as it can give you an advantage over other applicants.

Section of GRE Test

1. Analytical Writing
Analytical writing section aims to measure the applicant’s ability in thinking critically and responding to an argument. You will be expected to critique a paragraph, analyze an argument and analyze an issue as a part of the section. The scores are reported in a 0-6 score level

2. Verbal Section
Verbal Section measures a candidate’s ability to read and comprehend passages and logically answer questions given below. The Reading Comprehension requires candidates to read general academic or critical reasoning passages and then analyze and answer the questions that follow. Text completion tests your prowess in reading, and completing the sentence to make it coherent. Sentence Equivalence provides the candidate with synonymous words to test your skill in using the right word in the right context.

3. Quantitative Section
The Quantitative Section tests the candidate’s ability to compare quantity. It is also used to examine the ability of candidate to verify the sufficiency of data to solve a problem. The section has questions based on comparison of quantities. Candidates will be asked to select one answer out of multiple answers and also fill in the numerical entries that are missing in an equation.

Scoring Pattern For GRE

The scoring pattern for each section of the GRE is as follows.

1. Verbal Reasoning – 130 to 170

2. Quantitative Reasoning – 130 to 170

3. Analytical Writing – 0-6

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