Facts About Study in UK | You Must Know If You Decide to Study in UK

Facts About Study in UK | You Must Know If You Decide to Study in UK

Facts About Study in UK | You Must Know If You Decide to Study in UK

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Why UK?

The Most eminent country for International students is the UK. UK Universities are Providing Standard Education, critical knowledge, career opportunities, and substantial insight to the students around the world who migrate here every year to badger an array of Bachelors and Graduate programs. Be it Business, Medical, or Engineering it is well known for providing education with today’s cutting-edge technology. It has students from all over the world to have the best career opportunities which will build a rich career. The Government of the UK is planning to permutate the education system by accepting around 600,000 to 700,000 international students by 2030. Recently, in 2021 the UK government implemented a two-year stay-back policy for all international students who completes their degrees irrespective of their level of course and duration of Course. This gives an opportunity to the students to convert their student visas to work visas.

The preponderance of Asian Students in the UK

An Enthralling Fact about UK universities is that most of the students who enrolled in various courses are from Asian Countries. As per the records by ending of March 2022, there were 466,611 students who were sponsored by the university and were granted Visas (including dependents). This is the largest annual number of study visas granted on record and represents both recoveries from the lesser number of visas granted during the pandemic time but also an increase in pre-pandemic levels.

Why study in the UK?

Students who look forward to studying overseas may get confused when choosing a perfect destination. They usually consider the countries where they can easily go like the US, UK, and Australia. Of course, it is easy just to go with their friends but at the same time, it is important to evaluate every option for them. We as abroad Education consultants are coming up with all the topics in detail about studying in the UK Universities Education system in this blog.

Checking every detail will give much insight about things in detail which will help the student to decide about their perfect destination.

Earth Science of UK

The UK is a combination of four Countries- Scotland, Wales, England, and Northern Ireland. Students from all over the world can study at any University in these four countries. These nations have their own individual histories and traditions. Students can explore these including with that they can experience different cuisines, politics, and accents.

Politeness of British

It is known to everyone that the UK is made up of various countries. These people share many similarities. English People are very polite and have a deep sense of Humor and they are much proud of their heritage. In the UK Politeness of the British, respect, time sense, and tolerance play a significant role in their behavior.

University culture of British

 In the UK student life is dedicated not only to social and sports societies which are run by student unions but also to the classes. It gives an opportunity to the students to share their beliefs/ interests with their peers. The modern education system in UK Universities builds a close relationship between student and professor which serves to motivate students and fosters a personal approach to curriculum. Academic freedom is one of the hallmarks of UK Universities.

International students will have a unique experience because of the University culture. These experiences play an important role in shaping their education.

Globally Accepted Universities

Universities in the UK follow unique methodologies in teaching and first-hand learning approach making them globally accepted Universities. This system makes this country’s universities stand top of the world. Including these, students have the flexibility to depict their course making it the best-liked destination for pursuing Higher Education. Here all the universities are organized by Quality Assurance Agency. This agency takes timely feedback from students and guides the Universities to overcome the backings in their Education system.


Trimmed Period of Course Duration

The Course Duration for an Under Graduate degree in the UK is 3 Years. The Course duration for Masters’s Degree is one Year. The less-duration courses help students in reducing their overall expenditure both for their accommodation and Tuition fee. Indirectly it helps them to start their career early than usual.

List of Best Universities in the UK

The UK has the best Universities in the world. The UK emerges as a leader in Business and Management, Finance, Law, Engineering, Science, and Art. This made the UK attract more International students every year.  QS World Rankings states that 4 out of 10 Universities in the UK stand out because of their best education system.

There is flexibility to blend courses and subjects from different streams for the students. This help the students to achieve their degree acquiescing their area of interest.

Let us see the List of Best Universities in the UK for both Students and Researchers-

The best method that is usually followed in UK Universities is that they made students learn through pragmatic skills than concentrating on textbooks for acquiring Knowledge.

This method will not only help the students to master themselves but also will give them an opportunity to work with their peers and Industry experts.

Study Abroad with a minimum budget

Studying abroad with a minimum budget is possible in the UK. The costs upon the University and the course students want.

In Generalisability, the costs to pursue a master’s in the UK for Overseas Students can vary from 11,000GBP to 25,000GBP per year. But when it comes to European Union Students it is charged as same as the domestic Students.

When we come to other expenses like accommodation, food, transport, and other miscellaneous expenses altogether will cost up to 1300GBP Per Month when the student chooses any colleges within London City, and it will be 1000GBP Per Month for colleges outside London city.

Top Courses to study abroad

UK’s education system is crop up with the top courses like Business and Management, Engineering, Finance, Law, Science, and Art. These courses made the UK stand on the top for all International students.

Preparation for studying abroad

Before applying for Universities students need to prepare a few things for studying abroad.

  • Where to study
  • Which course
  • Entry Requirements for the Admission
  • Weather conditions
  • Budget and Finances
  • Cultural Shock
  • Homesickness


Best time to apply in the UK

UK Universities accept applications twice a year, they are January and September. The best time to apply in the UK is Jan and Sept. Other than these, there are few Universities that accept applications around the year.

Admission requirements for UK Universities

For Under Graduate courses, students can through UCAS or the universities and colleges’ Admission services.

Admission requirements for UK Universities for Under Graduate courses

  • Secondary school certificate
  • Intermediate board certificate / diploma certificate
  • SAT scorecard
  • English Language Proficiency Test


For Postgraduate courses or Masters’s Programs, students have to shortlist the Universities, and they have to go through the university website to get the exact admission requirements. For a few Universities and programs, the requirements are common.

Documents required by the University to apply for Post Graduate Courses

  • Marks Memos/ Transcripts
  • Letter of Recommendation from College
  • Resume
  • English Language Proficiency Test
  • Statement of Purpose
  • IF required GMAT/GRE

After getting all the required Documents then students can start applying for the shortlisted Universities. After checking all the Documents University will issue an Offer Letter to the Student. This can be used for applying for Student Visa.


Student Visa Process for the UK

Students who are above 16years of age are eligible to pursue their higher education by applying for a student Visa through the Student Route.


Documents required for applying for Student Visa-

Primary Documents UK Immigration team will check before issuing Visa to the Student are

  • Admit card from the University
  • CAS Issued by the University to the student
  • Financial Documents which prove that the student is financially capable to have studied in the UK
  • Students who are applying for visas should have sound knowledge of the English Language
  • A consent Letter from the Parents of the students who are not more than 18 years
  • Immigration Health Surcharge Payments Receipt
  • Marks Memo/Transcripts which are mentioned in the CAS
  • Proof of English Language Test which is mentioned in CAS
  • Passport Issued by the Government
  • Birth Certificate
  • Medical Certificate as per the guidelines of the UK Government

If the Student has all the required documents then he/she can apply for the Visa


Application Process for the Visa

The process for the Student Visa application is as follows-

  • Go to gov.uk website and apply for the student visa
  • Fill the form with all the required information and upload the necessary documents and submit the form
  • Pay Student Visa Fee
  • Pay the immigration health surcharge fee to avail UK National Health Service.

The student has to apply at least 3 months prior to the semester start date. Though the Usual Processing time for Visa will take 3 to 4 weeks, it is suggested to apply at least 3 months prior to the start date, this is all about the application process for a visa.


Apart from all the above, there are a few Fun Facts about the UK that students have to Know


The UK has not only a Magnificent Education system and esteemed Universities but also the prepossessing countryside and busy cities which are filled with their enlightened culture.

Let us see the Fun Facts about the UK-

  • London has the biggest library in the world
  • Students can able to visit nearly 140 museums in London
  • There are 31 heritage sites in the UK under UNESCO Protection
  • Compared to Indian urban centers like New Delhi and Mumbai London has more Indian Restaurants



  1. Why do I have to choose the UK to pursue my higher education?- The UK is one of the popular destinations for International students to pursue their higher education. 2 Years Post study work visa in the UK gives opportunities to students to build their careers successfully.


  1. Is the academic gap acceptable in the UK? – The gap is not allowed but the student is asked to exemplify the gap period with work experience.


  1. What does CAS stand for? – CAS means Confirmation acceptance for studies. As per the UK Immigration rules it is required that University has to sponsor the student Visa Application. University will issue this CAS to the student with a unique identification number which the student has to mention in the student visa application.


  1. How many days old funds are required for applying for CAS? – If a student is showing funds in his/her savings account or in a fixed deposit then funds must be 28 days old. If students secured an education Loan from Bank then they can apply directly for CAS.


  1. Is it necessary to submit the medical test for applying UK student Visa? – Medical Test is mandatory but they should be certified by the UK government, the student has to get done with the test from UKVI Listed hospitals. For more information: https://www.gov.uk/tb-test-visa.


  1. In how many days students can get their Student visas? – Usually, it takes 15 working days to get student Visa approval, but it may vary from case to case.




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