Course and University Selection

Course and University Selection

Course and University Selection

How should i choose a University course?

Course and University Selection : when someone says that you should look for your true passion, it sound exactly the same as people that believe that you have a unique soul mate, and you should keep looking for her/him until you find it. But for some reason, although almost everyone sees the later advise as simple popular belief, the former is taken as an fact.

If you think about, it sounds like fantasy to believe that there a specific thing that you where born to do, and that specific thing is the only that you will love to do. For me, it is fantasy.

So, how do you choose a course to study in college for Study Abroad? First, forsake the idea that you should already have a passion. You shouldn’t. How can you love something that you don’t know yet? Of course, maybe you already have passion for some activity, but that’s because you already have practice with it, and maybe that is a good place to start looking for your course. I.e., got together the courses that you already have some superficial interest in, after that, filtrate with characteristics that you will find important for your future. For example,We would never accept to work in a job without perspective of intellectual growth. May be you think that constant social interactions are key to your engagement, so narrow your options taking that into account.

What is more important? College or course? (Choose a course and University Selection)

Course and University Selection : Everyone has a dream course they want to pursue and a dream college they want to pursue it from.

There is a rational reason for both of the things. If you prefer course of your choice, you will be able to score well in it and land a good job. College too plays an important role. It adds to your overall personality development and a good placement record will ensure that you have a chance to secure a good job in the future.

We need to understand that it is difficult to decide between course or college. We suggest you, let’s look at the factors that you can evaluate before finalizing anything like course and university selection.

(A) Course Structure and Curriculum

The first and foremost thing you need to know about is the structure and curriculum of the course you will be studying. Find out all that you can about the course you have in hand – what papers are taught in it? What concepts will you learn in each? How will the course contribute to your skill building?

You can do this by visiting the official website of the college/university, conversing with people who have already pursued this course, attending pre-admission orientation/counselling sessions, talking to your teachers/parents/career counselors. Sometimes the name of the course can be misleading, so it is necessary to get accurate information about it.

These things will help you answer the two most important questions:

  • Does the course matter interest you?
  • Can you see yourself studying it for the next 3-4 years?

(B) College Experience and Placements

Moving on to the next factor, the experience of the college plays an equally important role in influencing this decision.

College rankings are a very superficial metric. There are more important things you need to evaluate, such as the placement opportunities, classroom experience and alumni network offered by the college. In terms of your personal and professional growth, college clubs/societies, crowd, teaching faculty, etc. also contribute a lot.

You can access this all information through the official website of the college, their Facebook pages, LinkedIn and by talking to alumni.

These will help you answer the following questions:

  1. Will the college appropriately contribute to your professional growth?
  2. Does the college align with your preferences and personality?

(C) Long-Term Career Goals

An important factor to evaluate, one that can provide much clarity to your decision: Where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years?

Is there any particular career you want to end up in?

While it is okay to want to explore your options before you fix down your career goals, doing it can make matters much easier. If your goals are clear to you, then it is much easier to define what you need to do to strive in that direction.

There would be times when you have clarity about your career goal or when you know that the alternate course in the better college is not interesting, or you know the difference between the course you want and the course you are getting, at that point of time, the course of your choice trumps the college.

And, there would be times when you are not sure about your career goal and want to explore or when you know a related course is available in a better college or you know your long-term career goal is a little generic, in that case, college trumps the course.

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