20 Things to Know if you Plan on Studying Abroad

20 Things to Know if you Plan on Studying Abroad

20 Things to Know if you Plan on Studying Abroad

What Are the Things To be Kept in Mind While Travelling for Studying abroad?

In my opinion, there are few important things that are need to considered.

Studying Abroad – Check List:

  1. Make sure everyone in your family is on same lane. It is very important. If your parents don’t agree with your decision, then it might create some trouble.
  2. Do research on many universities in different countries. There are many universities that are less competitive, but provide world class infrastructure, and great placements. All you need to do it “Research”. Don’t stick to USA. Consider some countries: Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, UK, Netherlands, Canada, Germany, and France.
  3. Be clear about your majors. There are many majors offered by your university that may not be available in India.
  4. Be firm with your decision. Don’t let anyone influence your decision. I encountered many people in my who discouraged my decision. Never care about them. Never!
  5. Make sure your financially stable. If not, do some research on Scholarships. Some Universities provide many Scholarships and few Universities provide financial aid. Spend more time in this section.
  6. Be social! It is very important to be social because you’ll be in a place with students from atleast 40 different countries.
  7. Take necessary tests. For USA, you need TOEFL/IELTS, and SAT. Sometimes couple of SAT subjective tests. This is for USA. For, other countries you don’t need to attempt SAT.
  8. Apply for Universities early. More acceptance and more Scholarship opportunities.
  9. Be prepared for interviews. Yeah, some Universities conduct interviews. It depends on university. Be prepared.
  10. Contact students of the that particular University you got accepted through social networks. If you couldn’t find any, then mail the university to connect you to student ambassador.
  11. Talk to the students who have studies abroad already.
  12.  Find out if your credits will transfer to your University.
  13.  Get Travel Insurance
  14.  Search out Local Connections
  15.  Know what to do in case of emergency.
  16. Prepare to stay in touch with your friends and family
  17. Make Sure you have all necessary travel documents
  18. Get a physical – Check with your doctor, whether you are all set to go for abroad study
  19. Decide what you want to do and see
  20. Learn about food and drink safety


All the best!


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